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Poster : SaiNakai on 2017-03-24 15:28:40 (3 reads)

So, i'm working on a 2D animation (Fukkireta dance) and i'm looking for a girl with a BOYish voice ( because the character is a boy ).
So , if any one is interested in this please private message me ^^.
this is a part of my youtube channel so you'll get mentioned in the credits and in the description
Or just contact me on this e-mail: strongyondaime35@hotmail.com

Poster : sales04 on 2017-03-15 00:55:54 (27 reads)

Apple iPhone 6s,iPhone 6s Plus, iphone 7,iphone 7 plus,Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung S6 Edge, Note 5 unlocked GSM cellphone 128GB Brand new in factory sealed boxes -

Buy 2 and get 1 free

Product Features: -

Unlocked -

Gold, Silver, Black & Grey Colours

Unlocked Iphone 6S Rose Gold/ 64GB/ Gsm Unlocked/ International. 4.7" Retina HD Display with 3D Touch (1920 x 1080) 12MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels and True Tone and optical image stabilization and Live Photos. Ultra HD 4K video recording with cinematic video stabilization. 2nd Generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor. FaceTime 5MP Front HD Camera Nano-SIM. iPhone 6S Rose Gold 64GB, Apple EarPods with remote and mic, USB power adapter. Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is reinvented from the outside in. Beneath stunning metal and sophisticated glass lies a powerful processor. Samsung's HD display yet brings your life to light - even in sunlight - get notifications, alerts, and more from the edge screen.

Contact for more pictures and details about the phones.

Interested buyer should contact my email

Email :: electronicscentrelimitedit@gmail.com

Poster : magayo on 2017-03-12 21:06:35 (29 reads)

Rated Outstanding by CNET Editors and endorsed by several winners, this is the key to unlocking your favorite Lotto game!

magayo Lotto software can help you analyze the trends and patterns to recommend with a better certainty the outcome within a smaller range of numbers. With fewer number of balls, you can easily get a better chance of winning!

magayo Lotto supports more than 350 games in over 75 countries including Takarakuji Loto 6 (ロト6), Loto 7 (ロト7) and Mini Loto (ミニロト). The draw results for the supported games can also be easily updated with a single click.

Visit https://www.magayo.com/ to download magayo Lotto software and see the winning Lotto tickets of magayo Lotto software users, including the winning Jackpot ticket on 4th March 2017!

Always play intelligently and responsibly!

Poster : fumi on 2017-03-02 22:48:12 (61 reads)

From beginner
Taught by a professional native Japanese speaker
At a coffee shop, your office, around Umeda Osaka area or Kyobashi area

**Instructor can speak English

Private lessons
Small group lessons(with your friends )
Brush up on your Japanese
Preparation for JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test)


Poster : Kawakami on 2017-02-26 09:53:52 (103 reads)

時 :毎週木曜日・土曜日 18時から21時30分







Poster : khc on 2017-02-19 08:07:29 (80 reads)

English follows Japanese



 大阪城公園内の梅林には約 95 種 1270本の梅の木があってきれいです!!

開催日 : 2017年2月26日(日)
予定  : 梅林散策の後パーティー(3?6PM)
集合場所: JR大阪城公園駅 改札を出てすぐ左のスペース(2階)(JR大阪城公園駅の改札は2階にあります。駅と地上は階段でつながっていますが階段を下りないでね。)
集合時間: 2PM (遅刻しないでね)
受付時間: 2PM?2:15PM
出発時間: 2:15PM
参加費 : (交流パーティーはソフトドリンク飲み放題)
学生/シニア   1000円 
(学生は学生証 シニアは年齢確認できる物要提示)
一般       1200円
梅ウォークのみ 一律500円

1)ご氏名 2)当日連絡のつく電話番号 3)出身国 



★★★The 10th Apricot Blossom Viewing Walk @ Osaka castle park & Karaoke Party★★★

Let's enjoy Apricot Blossoms and chatting with friends!
After walking, we will have a karaoke party. Enjoy Karaoke and let us hear your beautiful singing voice!!
All are welcome!!

*Please apply before 24th Feb :)
*It will be held even if it rains.

★Date: Sunday 26th Feb 2017

★Meeting Time: 2pm (Please be on time as we will not wait if you are late.)

★Reception time:2PM?2.15PM (Departure time:2:15PM)

★Meeting Place: JR Osakajo-Koen Station (Loop Line),
The exit of the station is on the 2nd floor, so please be waiting there :)

★How to get there: Osakajo-koen Station is on the JR Loop Line and is 10 minutes from JR Osaka Station (4 stations, 160 yen for one way) . Please take Loop Line at plat form 2 (the outer loop tracks) in JR Osaka station.

- Apricot Blossom Viewing Walk 2.15PM?3PM
- Karaoke Party 3PM?6PM

★Participation Fee:
- walking + Party = 1200 yen (For students =1000 yen *Make sure to bring your Student card.)
- Only walking = 500 yen
*The list will be closed when the number reached to capacity = 20 persons.
*Please sign up on before 24th Feb.
If you sign up after 24th Feb, you may not be able to join the party because of seating capacity.

★How to join:
Send the following information to "kansaihappyclub@gmail.com"

1) Your name 2) Your phone number 3) Your nationality
(If you apply with your friends, Please provide all of your friends name and their nationalities but there is no need to provide your friends phone numbers.)


1) Please make sure you contact to the stuff when you are late or cancelling.
The stuff will not be able to pick you up if you are late.

2) Any religious or commercial activities or pick up are prohibited.

3) If you are joining only walking, you can apply even after capacity is exceeded. Just please make sure to apply on email.

4)If you don't receive an email reply from us, your application has not accepted. Please check your junk emails folder and check if you have not blocked emails.

Kansai Happy International Club

Poster : kyeeko on 2017-02-10 23:25:45 (99 reads)

Hello, I am moving to Osaka with my little son at the beginning of March.
I need someone to help me with setting up my place and fixing a super tiny garden there.
Help me carry things( not a lot) and look after my son (6y.o.) a little bit, and stay there for a couple of days more for free in exchange.
If you are interested please contact me, we can talk before you decide. Thank you. :)


Poster : mauripart on 2017-01-29 09:02:07 (88 reads)

Apple iphone 7+ 64gb

I have brand new Apple iphone 7 + 64gb/128gb for sale

Brand new, authentic, factory unlocked to all sim card, ready to use, comes with complete accessories and also still has a 1 year apple warranty.
It is available for inspection.

Price: $500

Kindly contact email: mauripart@yahoo.com

Poster : hello22 on 2017-01-24 15:58:11 (103 reads)

Buy 2 and get 1 free Apple iPhone 7 Samsung S7 Sony PS4, WhatsApp +19132958342

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 6s

Samsung Galaxy S7 with Gear VR

Sony PS4 500GB original

WhatsApp +19132958342


Poster : roxiestar on 2017-01-14 00:16:53 (221 reads)

Hello all,

I am here to make some good foreign friends who want to have a chat in English or in Japanese sometimes. I am a 21 year old girl from Japan, a university student who's majoring in English. Been studing English for 9 years now. I've studied abroad for about one year in Europe, therefore I'd like to chat with foreign people in English to improve it and keep up with it. I've been told, I am nice, kind, caring, smart, funny, calm, weird. I live near kyoto, so people from Kansai area are welcomed.
Feel free to message me. I've LINE, Skype, Facebook.
Take care,

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