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Poster : Urushitei on 2017-11-10 19:15:10 (203 reads)

We are going to have a fun party on the 18th of November! Do you want to try Kyoto traditional food? Do you want to make new friends from differnt countries? Do you want to try Japanese beer? Do you want to see Ancient Japanese Court Music show?

Come to Urushitei at 6pm on the 18th of November!

To make reservations;



Find us on Instagram/Facebook and check our fun event pictures!!

@urushitei https://www.facebook.com/urushitei0226/

About the event;

When???18th Nov. Saturday 6pm-8pm

6-7pm Let’s have food and drinks!

7-8pm Let’s see the performance together!

8pm- If you still want to drink or talk with your new friends, you’re more than welcome to stay here after the party!!

Where??-At Urushitei

Fee??? 2000JPY/advance 2500JPY/door

What is Gagaku?


Gagaku, literally meaning “elegant music,” is the oldest surviving music in Japan. It was established in the court around1,200 years ago, and has been preserved ever since at the Imperial court and in some shrines and temples.

It is very rare opportunity to see a Gagaku live performance in Japan. Don’t miss it!!

Let’s have fun with us at Urushitei!

Sakura Urushitei

Email sakura@urushitei.jp

Address 425 Kichimonjicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto-fu, 600-8069

Tel 075-343-0003

Poster : Kawakami on 2017-11-10 18:56:19 (160 reads)


I'm an organizer of an English conversation class in Namba.
I usually teach students in high school in Osaka.

I'm recruiting a volunteer who just enjoy discussion in English with participants.

Participants are from high school students to adults. many of them can speak English, so you can enjoy it.

It is held at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays and Saturdays in OCAT in Namba.

Please get contact with me.


Poster : Fungus555 on 2017-11-08 08:20:11 (134 reads)

FREE entry! Includes snacks and free-to-play classic video games (※please order 1 drink)

When most people think of "anime" they picture One Piece and Dragonball... now let's check out the underground.

Pigmhall is a Tokyo-based artist who pairs cute animations with original techno music to create psychedelic, humorous, and oddly nostalgic videos. This is a cafe-style event: share a drink with good company while experiencing a whole new side of Japanese animation!

Location: Cafe La Siesta in Kyoto (very close to Kawaramachi Station)

Event Page
Artist Homepage

Poster : Yurin on 2017-10-20 19:12:58 (227 reads)





Poster : moviegoer on 2017-10-10 22:10:33 (151 reads)

Konnichiwa from Himeji!
Please come and have fun in Himeji on October 29th!
Otemae park,Himeji


You can enjoy foods from all over the world,learn languages and culture.
Let's make friends in Himeji!

I'm a volunteer staff at language booth.
We are waiting for you!
See you there! ;)

Poster : sukugawaza on 2017-10-01 12:25:57 (194 reads)

10/21(Sat.) Muramatsu recital hall shin-osaka
Start:3:00PM (Opening 2:30PM)

We,shukugawaza create many classical music dramas,all based on the Japanese classical story. Although our dramas performed in Japanese,we are sure that you will enjoy our performance.

We would like foreign guests to watch this music play as a monitor and respond to the questionnaire. We hope to make a better system by referring to the result. Please make a reservation to us shukugawaza. Our e-mail address is shukugawaza@gmail.com

Admission fee for foreign monitors are free.
And Japanese people accompanying you are also free.

We will send thickets and questionnaires to reserved person.

please fill in the questionnaire after the show and hand it to the reception desk.

You need the reservation to us until 10/19.

Thank you.

Poster : koheivelco on 2017-09-05 12:58:42 (259 reads)

We are the English school called Eikaiwa Velco located in Otsu, Shiga which is just 10 minutes distance by train from Kyoto station and nano house is the Japanese traditional style house which we offer foreign people Japanese cultural experience. This coming September 20th, We are planing to hold Japanese cooking class for foreign people. Why not experiencing and leaning Japanese cuisines in Otsu? If you are interested in, please first visit our website https://www.nano-house.net/ and then contact us through the website :) Thank you!

Poster : Hide99 on 2017-08-26 17:16:54 (259 reads)

J&F House Osaka is the biggest share house in Osaka! It has 91 rooms and there are people from different countries including Japanese!
Then, if you would like to make friends with Japanese and people who have different backgrounds, it will be the best place ever in Osaka!

< Location >
Hirano-ku,Osaka city
6 mins walk from Subway Tanimachi line Kire-Uriwari station
It takes about 12min from Tennoji sta. by train


< Rent >
Share room 30.000yen 33.000yen per month including utilities
Private room 45.000yen 51.000yen per month including utilities
Couple room 60.000yen 66.000yen per month including utilities
< Deposit > 20.000yen ( Refundable )
< Facilities >
Huge living room has a DVD player, 3 free internet PC, and TV
10shower booths
Lavatories on each floor
Desk, bed, chair, AC, fridge and free internet connection in each room.
< The document you need prepare >
Emergency contact person's phone number and address

< More details > http://www.jafnet.co.jp/plaza/en/?action_obj=Estate&action=detail&estate_code=6&room_code=1
< Tel > 06-4256-6704

Poster : Lion2015 on 2017-08-25 20:18:42 (176 reads)

This is a part time work from home position as an Internet Ads Assessor. This is the ideal position for an individual who enjoy's the flexibility of working from home. The perfect candidate must be fluent in English and Japanese.

Poster : khc on 2017-07-21 23:06:47 (304 reads)

Yodogawa Fireworks Display International Party

Let's enjoy watching fireworks together!!

Date :Saturday, 5th August 2017
Meeting time:3:00 PM
Meeting place:Hanshin Railway- Noda station
(2 stations from Umeda), at the ticket gate.
※You will see a member of staff holding a flag written ‘Kansai Happy International Club’.
Participation fee: 500 yen (picnic sheet is included)

For Reservations - Send the following details to us.

1)Your name 2) Your nationality 3) Your phone number 4) If you come with friends, please write their names and nationalities

Deadline: Please sign up by 2nd August 2017
(There are some food stands around the place where we will watch the fireworks)
Seating capacity:25 people
Things to bring: Your own drinks and food. (Insect repellent, wet tissues and folding fan will be helpful.)

We will cancel this party in case of rain. If we are not sure about the weather, we will put information on our website (http://engei.exblog.jp/), around 10:30 AM on 5th August. We will not send an individual message to each participant about this.

How to get there:

To “Noda Hanshin station”

Train: “Noda Hanshin station” is 2 stations away from Umeda station by Hanshin railway (1 stationfrom Umeda by rapid train and 2 stations from Umeda by local train.) The underground Umeda terminal of Hanshin Railway is located south of OsakaStation, next to underground of Hanshin Department Store.

Kansai Happy International Club

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