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Poster : Anzai on 2017-09-18 18:24:54 (141 reads)

Are you interested in real estate? Do you like meeting people? Do you enjoy working outside? If your answer is yes to all of these questions, you’ll probably enjoy working with us. We are seeking friendly, energetic, highly-motivated individuals to join our team.

1) Job Title: Sales Representative

Work Hours: 9:30am ? 7:00pm with 7 days off per month (6 days off per month from January to March)

Holidays: GW holidays: 3 days; Summer holidays: 3 days; Winter holidays: 7 days; Annual holidays: 3 days

Location: Umeda

Key responsibilities & duties:
? Providing guidance and assisting renters and buyers in renting and purchasing properties
? Determining clients’ needs and financials abilities to propose solutions that suit them
? Taking photos and advertising properties

? Ability to work independently and in a team environment
? Excellent interpersonal skills
? Strong sales, negotiation and communication skills
? JLPT N2 or above
? Native speaker of another language other than Japanese
? Fluency in other languages is a plus
? Basic computer skills

2) Job Title: Sales Assistant

Work Hours: 9:30am ? 7:00pm with 8 days off per month (7 days off per month from January to March)

Holidays: GW holidays: 3 days; Summer holidays: 3 days; Winter holidays: 7 days; Annual holidays: 3 days

Location: Umeda

Key responsibilities & duties:
? Assisting sales representatives in serving clients and daily routine
? Taking photos and advertising properties
? Preparing documents

? Ability to work independently and in a team environment
? Excellent interpersonal skills
? JLPT N2 or above
? Native speaker of another language other than Japanese
? Fluency in other languages is a plus
? Excellent computer skills

Please send us your CV (PDF file) by email at info@daiwahomes.co.jp
Tel: 06-7670-7178

Check us out here:

Poster : Julian on 2017-09-14 23:29:45 (191 reads)

Competitive Salary job offer for Bilingual (English & Japanese) candidates in Japan. No experience required, but IT knowledge preferred.

Poster : Calipapi on 2017-08-31 11:40:41 (207 reads)

My name is Danny born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
I'll be in the Kansai region for 2 months and will be free to offer
Conversational English lessons tailored towards your interest or goals.
Put your English classroom lessons to use. I have a fun great personality that translates into the lesson. If interested email me at jpnlvr805@yahoo.com
Thank you for your time, have a great day!

Poster : Sherman123 on 2017-08-30 21:09:26 (247 reads)

I am really busy and love my work ( textile firm ) . I am 29 , I know what makes me happy during the date , hence like to meet a perfect date. I am single now and I would like to meet a person who tick all the right boxes ( You just have to act decent , respectful and according to the below script ! I know perfect matches do not exit but I would like to meet that perfect match and want to make sure that I am okay and not wasting my time ( my time is very important )

You will be paid 15000 yen plus dinner on my side and act according to the below script ( please remember and think of your self as an actress) .

Scene 1
You will greet me with big natural smile

Scene 2 bring cookies or anything and tell me that you made that specially for me

( of course you don't have to make any cookies just buy from 100 yen shop and wrap them in a way so that it gives me impression as you have cooked them , I like woman who can cook and cook for their man )

Scene 3 yen After that we will sit and have our menus , you will ask me as to what I like and what ever I tell you ! you will order that for me and yourself and call the server ( i like women who take charge )

Scene 4 Then you will ask me about the following things

What I do ?
What is my passion ?
What's my aspirations in life ?
What is life to me ? What is
Other questions up to you ! ( but must ask me above questions, I like deep conversation )

I will ask you normal questions or if you have any particular questions that you would like me to ask you or not ask you , I will oblige !

Scene 5 When our food comes , exactly I will leave and go to washroom and come back and see that you are not eating ! I will ask you why didn't you start eating and you would say ! Oh I was waiting for you ! Of course I will thank you for that ! ( I like courteous woman , it shows that you are courteous )

Scene 6 Then you will ask me , how is your make up and hair and I will compliment you and tell you how it is !

(I like woman who show their vulnerable side by asking such questions and then you will compliment me on my dress or anything as a matter of courtesy )

Scene 7 During dinner if my phone rings ( you will say please today no business no work , I want you all by myself and take my phone and put it in your bag for a minute and then give me back after a minute or so

(I like woman who are possessive about their man )

Scene 8 During dinner we can have light conversation and then you will go to wash room and ask me to take care of your bag
( it shows that you trust me , I like woman who trust ) (you can bring empty bag or anything for this act without any possessions )

Scene 9 During eating you will spill something ( on the table and say sorry to me ( I like woman who are not perfect because I am not perfect it shows to me that you are not perfect and when you said sorry it shows when you make a mistake you accept your mistake )

Scene 10 Then after coming back you will say to me I saw this shirt the other day at ( some store ) and I thought that would look so good on you let's go together and I wanna buy that for you ) and I will thank you and say next time ( you insist) and Insist ( please insist three times at least )

Scene 11 as I will say no you will Insist to pay for the food and I will say no ,( Insist once again ) at the end let me pay !

I like woman who think about their man even when they are not with them , it shows that you thought about me )

Scene 12 But then you insist me to walk me up to my ride ! And we walk up to that ( as a gentleman I always leave my date up to her ride, this time I like to have that feeling ).

Rest of the talk and scenes , I leave up to you but you must act the above 12 acts , as there are no retakes so you should be relaxed , please bring a checklist and you can and tick each box as you play along to make sure that you are on track and not forgetting anything !

Your job done ! Please be mindful that this whole act will not take longer than 2 and a half hours ( as I am 29 the actress should be between 20 to 39 ! Please when you apply send me your picture with your name ) .

Thank you and hoping to meet that great actress ! Please be respectful to me and I will be very respectful to you ( no cussing and ugly jokes please ).The meeting shall take place in Kansai area .
For further queries please mail at the address below with your picture .

Poster : ATR on 2017-08-29 10:50:01 (154 reads)

Our robotics lab at Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute International in southern Kyoto prefecture is seeking participants who can speak in fluent English for at least a 3 hour experiment on human robot interaction starting Sep 6. Participation will include role-playing social interactions with a humanoid robot.
Please contact us at atrexperiment@gmail.com if you are interested in and we can determine your eligibility and provide additional details. Individuals will be paid 1000 yen per hour, plus an additional 1000 yen for commuting expenses within the Kansai region.

Poster : Lion2015 on 2017-08-25 20:17:47 (114 reads)

This is a part time work from home position as an Internet Ads Assessor. This is the ideal position for an individual who enjoy's the flexibility of working from home. The perfect candidate must be fluent in English and Japanese.

Poster : THAlex on 2017-08-04 16:36:06 (162 reads)

Take part in Osaka's largest beach side music festival! Enhance the experience for VIP customers by leading "champagne parades" through the stageside seats. This summer, try something fun and and totally out of the ordinary.

Currently recruiting muscular men willing to appear in costume and interact with customers. If you'd like to participate please respond with: name, age, current city, and at least 1 recent photo.

¥10,000 / day
Must arrange your own transportation

August 26 & 27 (Saturday/Sunday)
1:00pm Arrive at festival site
2:00pm-8:00pm Shift
(2 hour break time during shift)

*Please specify if you are interested in working Saturday, Sunday, or both days!

Seeking individuals with strong work ethic, good at keeping schedule.
You set the mood for the event - bright, friendly personality required!
Party atmosphere with MODERATE drinking permitted during work.
Basic Japanese knowledge preferred.

Poster : Hellos on 2017-08-03 21:04:43 (159 reads)

Bar Staff
We are looking for a new bar staff member. The job requires a friendly attitude and willing to talk with customers. We are relaxed, fun, and have a lot of energy. The starting time is usually from 8pm to 4am in Amagasaki (Hanshin). Our location is a 5 minute walk from the station. For one hour of work, the starting pay is 1,000 yen. Japanese is not required but must be able to have basic Japanese knowledge in order to communicate with customers who may not speak any English. Around JLPT N4 would be good. The name of the bar manager is Shoko-san, please contact her for questions and/or inquiry.

Poster : Rent-Meee on 2017-07-14 15:38:42 (155 reads)

This post is for any English or Japanese speaker interested in sales. Pay is 10% commission with bonuses available.

Please take a look at our company page.

We are looking for outgoing people interested in promoting what we sell to prospects. People willing to look for potential clients introduce our products and make sales.
You will be required to come up with your own leads but we can offer some assistance.

We sell a variety of products you can focus on the field you understand the most. Here are some examples:

1. Website Design plans
2. Design (Poster, flyers, business cards)
3. Product Translation
4. Company Training programs
5. Company surveys

If you are interested please contact us to schedule an interview. We will talk about what you would be most interested in selling. If things are a good fit you could start immediately.

Those interested please email us

Poster : velco on 2017-06-19 17:14:52 (186 reads)


Looking for a part-time native English teacher who can work at our Shijo (Kyoto) School.
Adult free-talking classes, friendly atmosphere, very casual style.

2 hours on a scheduled weekday night (sometime between 6:30pm-9:30pm)
2,000 yen - 3,000 yen/hour + trans.(up to 1,000yen)

*Valid visa required.

Please send CV with your photo to info@velco.jp if interested.
We will respond to those who are invited for an interview.

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