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Poster : brabbits on 2017-09-17 01:26:21 (225 reads)

I am a male around 40 in Osaka. Sometimes draw croquis of women. I seek a lady to be a live model for my drawing. It is not dificult and no experience needed.
Both japanese & foreingers welcome.
Please feel free to E-mail..

Poster : mtsss on 2017-09-10 23:57:17 (232 reads)


Poster : Travelhere on 2017-09-10 11:34:11 (185 reads)

Hello! I'm Tom from the USA and I'm living in Osaka right now. I'm looking to make new friends, but also interested in dating a Japanese girl. I am just over 30 and your age doesn't matter to me. :)

If you would like to talk and meet in the future, please send me an email.

こんにちは、お会いできてうれしいです。 私はアメリカのトムです。 私は日本語をうまく話せませんが、ベストを尽くすことができます。 私は日付の良い日本の女の子に興味があるので、興味があれば私にメッセージを送ってください。

Email: lovetotravel155@gmail.com

Poster : Mayumiyu on 2017-09-03 22:26:03 (274 reads)

Hi (^-^)/

I'm a 34years old Japanese female, living in Osaka.
I have a kid, I'm a single mother ^_^
I've been studying English but it's still not so good...

I'd like to make friends to have a cup of coffee, lunch or something together around Namba ^^
I'm interested in Spanish so I'd also like to make friends who speak Spanish.
Of course, I'd like to make friends who speak English.

And I'm also looking for a boyfriend who is kind, sincere, don't smoke, like fashion and love kids (*^^*)

I can help you with your Japanese, if you like.

If you're interested in me, feel free to send me a mail with your information ^^
I have LINE and Facebook ^ - ^


Poster : neroli on 2017-09-03 13:31:02 (219 reads)




Poster : Nika on 2017-09-03 05:59:19 (328 reads)

Poster : kotorin on 2017-09-01 12:44:38 (279 reads)

My name is kotori.
I am looking for friends in Kyoto.
Please become a friend with me!!

Poster : Sherman123 on 2017-08-30 20:51:27 (207 reads)

I am really busy and love my work ( textile firm ) . I am 29 , I know what makes me happy during the date , hence like to meet a perfect date. I am single now and I would like to meet a person who tick all the right boxes ( You just have to act decent , respectful and according to the below script ! I know perfect matches do not exit but I would like to meet that perfect match and want to make sure that I am okay and not wasting my time ( my time is very important )

You will be paid 15000 yen plus dinner on my side and act according to the below script ( please remember and think of your self as an actress) .

Scene 1
You will greet me with big natural smile

Scene 2 bring cookies or anything and tell me that you made that specially for me

( of course you don't have to make any cookies just buy from 100 yen shop and wrap them in a way so that it gives me impression as you have cooked them , I like woman who can cook and cook for their man )

Scene 3 yen After that we will sit and have our menus , you will ask me as to what I like and what ever I tell you ! you will order that for me and yourself and call the server ( i like women who take charge )

Scene 4 Then you will ask me about the following things

What I do ?
What is my passion ?
What's my aspirations in life ?
What is life to me ? What is
Other questions up to you ! ( but must ask me above questions, I like deep conversation )

I will ask you normal questions or if you have any particular questions that you would like me to ask you or not ask you , I will oblige !

Scene 5 When our food comes , exactly I will leave and go to washroom and come back and see that you are not eating ! I will ask you why didn't you start eating and you would say ! Oh I was waiting for you ! Of course I will thank you for that ! ( I like courteous woman , it shows that you are courteous )

Scene 6 Then you will ask me , how is your make up and hair and I will compliment you and tell you how it is !

(I like woman who show their vulnerable side by asking such questions and then you will compliment me on my dress or anything as a matter of courtesy )

Scene 7 During dinner if my phone rings ( you will say please today no business no work , I want you all by myself and take my phone and put it in your bag for a minute and then give me back after a minute or so

(I like woman who are possessive about their man )

Scene 8 During dinner we can have light conversation and then you will go to wash room and ask me to take care of your bag
( it shows that you trust me , I like woman who trust ) (you can bring empty bag or anything for this act without any possessions )

Scene 9 During eating you will spill something ( on the table and say sorry to me ( I like woman who are not perfect because I am not perfect it shows to me that you are not perfect and when you said sorry it shows when you make a mistake you accept your mistake )

Scene 10 Then after coming back you will say to me I saw this shirt the other day at ( some store ) and I thought that would look so good on you let's go together and I wanna buy that for you ) and I will thank you and say next time ( you insist) and Insist ( please insist three times at least )

Scene 11 as I will say no you will Insist to pay for the food and I will say no ,( Insist once again ) at the end let me pay !

I like woman who think about their man even when they are not with them , it shows that you thought about me )

Scene 12 But then you insist me to walk me up to my ride ! And we walk up to that ( as a gentleman I always leave my date up to her ride, this time I like to have that feeling ).

Rest of the talk and scenes , I leave up to you but you must act the above 12 acts , as there are no retakes so you should be relaxed , please bring a checklist and you can and tick each box as you play along to make sure that you are on track and not forgetting anything !

Your job done ! Please be mindful that this whole act will not take longer than 2 and a half hours ( as I am 29 the actress should be between 20 to 39 ! Please when you apply send me your picture with your name ) .

Thank you and hoping to meet that great actress ! Please be respectful to me and I will be very respectful to you ( no cussing and ugly jokes please ).The meeting shall take place in Kansai area .
For further queries please mail at the address below with your picture .

Poster : Naufal on 2017-08-28 18:06:48 (163 reads)

Hi Im an 16 yo man from indonesia
I want to make a friend with japanese people, also i want
Learn about japanese culture. I like watching anime and listen
Japanese song ^^ it would be great if i can make friendship with
Japanese people

ID Line : naufal_fikri

Poster : Andy1903 on 2017-08-28 16:14:05 (215 reads)

Hello. I am a single Western man living in Kyoto - age 48. I like the outdoors, guitar, playing sports, cooking and the guitar. 日本語ができます。I would like to meet a Japanese woman for dating.

email : andy19032005@hotmail.com

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