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Poster : kitamura on 2016-07-22 15:32:46 (466 reads)

Tidy 3bed room unit located in quiet neighborhood. 20 minutes walk from JR Akashi station, 8 minutes walk from stores and Akashi main hospital. You can also catch bus from Akashi station. The unit is fully furnished except futon. It has one shared tatami room and two private rooms. Shared tatami room is ¥25000 per person, larger private unit is ¥35000 and smaller private unit is ¥30000. Additional ¥12000/month for the utility and internet. Deposit is 1 month rent and utility. We do interview every applicant (For oversea residents, we use Skype for the interview). Sorry to tell yo this but, there is age limit for the tenant. Which is 35. We are after someone who want to learn different culture and language also, willing to teach their own. Ideally we would like to have 50% Asian and 50% Westerner or native English speaker for tenant. This way we can create not only a good living environment but also, good learning environment. Do you want to be part of this adventure? If you do, do not hesitate to contact me! My number is 090-8160-4083 or email me to kimiakiitamura@gmail.com
Its located at 神戸市西区玉津町新方 area.

Poster : Tako on 2016-07-18 10:53:21 (384 reads)

Private rooms available in a shared house.

Rent - 50,000 which includes utilities (Water, gas, electricity, wifi, and cable TV)

-No agency fees!
-No key money!
-Just one month security deposit
*Minimum one calendar month stay required.

Just a three minute walk to subway Midoribashi Station, and less than ten minutes to JR/subway Morinomiya Station. At Morinomiya is the huge Osaka Castle Park. Close to three supermarkets, restaurants, izakayas, etc. Takes about 15 minutes to get to Umeda or Shinsaibashi/Namba. Easy to get to Tsuruhashi and other interesting neighbourhoods. But, it is also a quiet area so you can get a good nights sleep.

If you would like to ask questions or like to come and take a look, feel free to contact the share house manager Erik at eriku.sk(at)gmail.com

Take a look at our blog or facebook page:



Poster : kansai2bm on 2016-07-04 22:30:56 (403 reads)

"J&F House Osaka2" is the brand new international share house that has been renovated in this year. Our house located in the centor of the Kansai area. Great access to Kyoto, Kobe and downtown Osaka. Residents are made up of Japanese, students and workers from the anothere countries. We also have nice roof top terrace, You can enjoy drinking and watching "Naniwa Yodogawa Fire Works"(that is one of the largest fireworks festivals in Osaka) from there.
- One stop from Osaka station!!!! JR Line.
- 5 min walk to the Tsukamoto-station
- Close to restaurants, grocery stores, library, gym, swimming pool and shopping.
- Very quiet and safe area
- Full furnished room
- Fully equipped kitchen (fridge,microwave,dishes,. . .etc)
- High-speed Internet (Free Wifi)
< Rent >
Private room 40.000yen 62.000yen per month including utilities
Shared room 35.000yen per month including utilities
< Deposit > 20.000yen ( Refundable )
< Maintenance fee> 10.000yen (Not Refundable )
< Facilities >
Huge living room has a DVD player, 3 free internet PC, and TV
shower booths,Lavatories
Desk, bed, chair, AC, fridge and free internet connection in each room.
< The document you need prepare >
Emergency contact person's phone number and address

< More details > http://www.jafnet.co.jp/plaza/en/?action_obj=Estate&action=detail&estate_code=284&room_code=1

Poster : japanbrand on 2016-06-26 06:52:14 (375 reads)

Hello everyone.
I'm Thomas, manager of shared house Viva Fukushima.

We've started a new share house in fukushima Sep 2015.
it's very close to Umeda Station also.

If you are interested in please contact us.

There are 7 rooms and 6 people are living now.
4 Japanese, 1 Polish and 1 Chinese.
2 Girls and 4 Boys.

We are looking for 1 more lady, cause we want to keep more than 3 ladies in this share house.

about the room.
size - 16 square meters.
closet - 1 big closet
furnish - you have desk, chare, bed, curtains, pillow and blanket.
internet - wireless. strong and fast enough to talk through skype.
bath - 1 bathroom and 1 shower room.
toilets - 2
kitchen - 1

About rent.
51000yen/ month.

Other expense.
deposit 66000yen.

monthly expense.
management fee - 7000yen
utilities - 7000yen.
insurance - 1000yen.

you may contact us by e-mail or phone.
My phone number is 080-5325-0311

the e-mail address is
I wonder if we find good room mates here.

Thank you.

Poster : kansai2bm on 2016-06-14 13:37:42 (410 reads)

J&F house Kansai2 is located in Mukonoso on the Hankyu-Kobe line between Umeda(Osaka) and Sannomiya(Kobe). It takes about 15min to get to Umeda and 21min to Sannomiya from Mukonoso station by train.

There is a large shared kitchen, a dining area, a laundry and a theater room with a projector screen and a playstation on the 1st floor. There are 70 private rooms and 10 dormitory rooms that accommodate for 2 people. Each residential unit is separated by gender. Every 3 rooms share a shower, a sink and a toilet. There is a desk, a chair, a bed, a fridge and an AC unit in every room. Internet (FTTH) is also available in the room by LAN. In addition to the auto-locking entrance, there is also a regular key lock for each room.

The tenants are 70% Japanese and the about 30% are from overseas. Although minimum length of staying is one month, some guests have stayed here for more than 4 years. If you are not sure if you will like this place or not, you can just live with us for a month. That is totally fine with us. Then, if you like it, we hope you stay longer.

*The rent including all utilities
single room : 56000-59000yen/month
dormitory(for 2 person) : 36000yen/month/person

*Campaign now!
If you would move in a private room and stay for more than 3 month, we will offer 2000yen/month discount for 3 month.

Beside the rent including utilities, all that's required is a 20000yen deposit (which is refundable).No guarantor! No renewal fee! No key money! We offer a non-building contract which allows you to leave at any time, with no cancellation fee. All we ask is for one week notice before leaving.

The manager on the 1st floor speaks English and resides within the building. He and his assistant clean the kitchen or the dining area almost every day. He responds in the case of an emergency.

We offer the tenants the unique opportunity to experience Japan while sharing their culture and cultivating new friendships with people fun all over the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Please take a look at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jafhouse.kansai2

Poster : Matsuyoshi on 2016-06-08 00:19:04 (354 reads)

松吉屋 Matsuyoshi Share House in Osaka City

HELLO!! Welcome to join us!!

<Access> Walk 5mins to Osaka-Abenobashi station(Kintetsu Railway) from Tennoji(JR) station. 5 stops from Osaka-Abenobashi station(Kintetsu Railway)
7min by walk from Yata stn(Kintetsu Railway)

It is good if you work in Tennoji or school(YMCA) located at Tennoji.

<Rent> 30000- 65000JPY (Single - Twins Room)
Deposit: 1 month rate, it will be refunded when check out if there are no demage of the room and the appliances.
Free Wi-Fi internet access. Monthly rate does not include the utilities expenses (e.g. electricity, water, gas bill).

There are 4-5 rooms in this house.
Password lock for each room.


アクセス:[JR]天王寺駅徒歩>>> [近鐵] 阿部野橋駅から5駅
[近鐵] 阿部野橋駅 徒歩7分以内

家賃:30000〜65000円 (1人-2人)


please check it out!!



Another 29m2 apartment located in Shin Osaka Station.
Looking for a group 2-3 guests to rent it.
Apatrment Monthly rate: 35000yen per person.
Monthly rate does not include the utilities expenses (e.g. electricity, water, gas bill).

7mins walk from apartment to Shin Osaka station.

5mins Shin Osaka >>> Umeda
12mins Shin Osaka >>> Shisaibashi
15mins Shin Osaka >>> Namba
24mins Shin Osaka >>> Kyoto
32mins Shin Osaka >>> Kobe

It is good if you work in Osaka city.


We Will offer discount if you rent over 3 months.

Please contact us now!

Line: hellobaby505
Email: osaka_sharehouse@yahoo.co.jp

Poster : Guest on 2016-04-28 09:45:15 (438 reads)

I want to rent my apartment in Kyoto for 6 weeks,2 rooms, starting from 1-8 to 22-9-2016. The location is Kyoto , Reisen St. (Between Sanjo and Marutamachi). If you are interested, please email me at : flatinkyoto@gmail.com

Poster : kamigaki on 2016-04-27 09:24:40 (441 reads)

The flat locates 12 minutes from Umeda by foot. Furnished 3LDK.     ★Best locatin★
2-4-5 Nakatsu Kita-ku Osaka   Melody heim Nakatsu #205    
☆6?7 mats size in 3 rooms  removated.
 The rent ; 42000?46000 yen for month. The Deposit ;50,000 yen .
 The utilities is 6000yen. 
I will send you photos by e-mail.

 ★only nonsmoker   
★Inquiry: e-mail go.0248@gmail.com

Poster : michan on 2016-04-24 14:34:07 (408 reads)

I am looking for partner here with unused(empty)
house or building. My past experience has been
to make guest house. I have done this in Tokyo
and Seattle. I have also investment exp. in USA.
If you would like to talk about this ideas then please
Email me...Ted. serioussensei@gmail.com

Poster : peac4love on 2016-03-27 06:27:03 (494 reads)

Hi,i am looking for room mate to share room with me in Osaka prefer female ,i can teach her English at my free time!
the rent payment is 350 us including bed and tools in the house gas water electric internet ,
contact me
line ID

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