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Poster : mattusiryo on 2018-02-15 12:44:12 (25 reads)

I'm looking for the foreigner who can read an English narration in Kyoto.

Please contact me.


Poster : kansai on 2018-02-14 12:11:44 (25 reads)

Join us here: https://www.meetup.com/Kansai-Friends-FREE-EVENTS-AND-ACTIVITIES/events/calendar/

2/17 Kansai Friends Valentine's Party-All you can drink大阪でバレンタインパーティー

Saturday, February 17, 2018
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

SAZAN Bldg (4th floor )
3Chome-4-8, Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka (edit map)

日本語あり。You will be required to show your RSVP at the door. To make the reception smooth please say that you came from "Kansai Friends meetup". 入場の時、"Kansai Friendsミートアップからです"、  と一こと言うってください。

【English】 【日本語】


必要 Important

To make the reception smooth please say that you came from "Kansai Friends meetup".

入場の時、"Kansai Friendsミートアップからです"、  と一こと言うってください。

What happens when meetup meets some of the coolest parties in Osaka? The result is an ultimate experience of the company of good people and a wonderful time.
More than 100 sexy singles will join us from outside meetup.

Valentine's Special this time. 今回は特別バレンタインパーティ開催します。

Kansai Friends Valentine's Party

We are doing a collaboration party to provide you happy times.

This is the perfect occasion to make new friends, language exchange, potential friend, expand your relation circle and have fun all together!

Convenient Access
Honmachi Station (1 minute by walk)

SAZAN bldg 4F
Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Minami Honmachi 3-4-8

Google Map
Follow at the Meetup page

All you can drink for 2.5hrs (7:00-9:30pm)
Wine, cider, beer , cocktails, soft drinks

and enjoy Pizza slices (till stock lasts) from either of these

which will be available from around 8:00pm.

Participation Fee (Show Meetup RSVP)
Women : 2000Y
Foreigner Men : 2000Y (Campaign price)
Japanese Men: 3000Y

Notes and Tips:

#1. This is a no-smoking event.
#2. Be yourself and enjoy the atmosphere

Our meetup group is constantly growing and it will be a first event for many, please be welcoming to everyone and introduce them to the friends you already have made at meetup.

Thank you and love from your hosts,
Kansai Friends

本町駅7番出口徒歩1分にあるスペースで行っております。外国人の友達がほしいと思ってる方は是非来てください。日本語が話せる外国人もよく参加しますので、日本語しか話せなくても全然 大丈夫です。

入場の時、写真を見て  "Kansai Friends ミートアップからです"、  と一こと言うってください。


19:00?22:00(3時間パーティー) 時間内は何時でも入場可能です。

大阪市中央区南本町 3?4?8 





服装 は自由です。


Kansai Friends てなに?

5年間前はじまった、大人気の国際交流グルップです。 今まで1000人以上が参加しています。facebookでいいねお願いします。

Help us spread the word among your friends to make our meetup group a memorable experience.


Poster : Noki on 2018-02-12 08:13:18 (62 reads)

I’m 28 years old Japanese female living Osaka near to Kyoto.
I like to listen to music, relax at home like watch TV or movie or drama, hang out with friends
Looking for language exchange partner or friend٩(^‿^)۶

Hope to hearing from you soon!!

Poster : Roy on 2018-01-25 11:55:26 (108 reads)


I'm a Japanese girl living in Osaka. I'd love to learn Italian or English and I could help you with your Japanese.

Please send me a message if you are interested or need further information :)


Poster : Fungus555 on 2018-01-13 09:17:09 (95 reads)


Friday night is Kyoto’s only international gaming hangout! Drink, chat, and enjoy a selection of classic video games. Whether you’re a serious gamer, casual fan, or even first time player, have fun and meet new friends this Friday at Gojo Paradiso!

Meet Up Members: 500yen (check “GOING” to this event)
※Non-Members: 700yen
(please also order 1 drink or food)

Unlimited classic games PLUS snack buffet included.
Snack quantities are limited, so be sure to come early!



更に、18時〜20時 ドリンクは1杯の値段で2杯を買えるハッピーアワーです!


Poster : Kanonaria on 2017-12-29 16:49:30 (147 reads)

Hi everyone, I am Kaho and a 22 year-old Japanese woman, living in Osaka. I am looking for a language exchange partner who can speak English :) I can speak Japanese and english, and I could support you to improve your Japanese! Please let me know if you’re interested:)

Poster : alexis85 on 2017-12-26 02:43:04 (166 reads)

Hello! :)

I am a Spanish boy, 32, living in Osaka. I would like to improve my Japanese and I could help you with your English, Spanish or German. Are you interested?

Looking forward to receiving your message! ;)


Poster : miami on 2017-10-27 07:51:10 (270 reads)



Join as our guideから登録できます。

Poster : misa333055 on 2017-10-26 14:23:02 (238 reads)

Hello everyone 😃
I am looking forward to learning English while having fun😁
Could you tell me at the cafeteria on a holiday
Because l live in Akasi l am most welcome to Kobe and Himeji people 🌼


Poster : wonderland on 2017-10-16 15:25:10 (205 reads)

My best friend is looking for a language exchange partner to improve her english.

She is japanese, she lives in Osaka. She hopes to meet and do a language exchange in a cafe or a restaurant in Umeda after work(like 7pm or anytime later) on weekday preferably once a week. (She could also consider some sundays.)

She takes English classes which cover some grammar, writing and speaking at least once a week in an english school. She also read an english textbook of junior highschool grammar and did a few textbooks again and again by herself. Now she is working on a review of highschool grammar('review' because she already studied it in highschool).

She wants to have more opportunity to actually practice speaking english. Id like you to listen to her english and correct her. It may take a little time for her to think before expressing what she wants to say, though.

It may be better and easier for you to communicate and make this language exchange work with her if you have a little higher level in japanese than a total beginner. Is there anyone like that???
or... it might also be good if youre a beginner and both of you try very hard to communicate, this struggle might actually improve both of your language faster...I don't really know.

She is also willing to help you with your japanese. She is patient, kind, and a good listener. She can follow how you want to practice your japanese(She doesnt mind your using a textbook, just practicing speaking japanese, checking your compositions etc.)

In the first meeting, i will accompany you so that you both can communicate a little better hopefully.

we really hope to get a message!
Thank you.

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