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Poster : Guest on 2013-11-20 15:00:14 (847 reads)

hi I'm Taka.
I'm seeking drummer for my Pop-Rock band.
we have already 4 members and need just only drummer.

Vocal female age35
Guitar&SubVocal male age35
Lead Guitar male age32
Bass guitar male age32
(all Japanese)

acitivity area : Sannomiya(KOBE)
studio practice : 1〜2times/month, daytime on Sat or Sun
music : all original songs(pop-rock, merodious-rock) if you want to make some songs or lyrics, we are welcome about it.
demo : http://youtu.be/O8LRxP6ZCX0

age : any
sex : any
play skill : who can make your drum pattern for our original songs(not necessary high skill, it's OK even simple pattern.)
language : English speaker or who can speak Japanese a little.(sorry, we are not good at speaking English, but we can have communication with slowly English. so I wish the last member was patient for our poor English lol)

when we all are ready, I hope we can perform at concert once/2〜3month. (*we're not aiming professional)

if you have interest in our band, please send a mail to me.

I guess it's also chance to learn Japanese conversation.
At first, let's have a trial jam session and know eack other.

thank you.

Poster : Naoaki on 2013-10-09 20:07:25 (975 reads)

I'm sincerely looking for a singer for my band.

Hi guys, I'm a man who is looking for a singer for my band
called "Dearjon" based in Osaka, Japan.
Please let me introduce our band.

Music kind is Phychedelic pop, Disco sound, Funk,
Break beats etc..almost any kinds!!
We likes MGMT, Primal Scream, New order, Stone Roses, and Daft Punk...etc.
Mainly listen to English band.
We consist of 5 members including me and are becoming 6 including you!
We play Lead Guitar, Rhythm guitar, bass, drums, Synthesizer and maracas and tambourine.
We are 26 years old and each members work for each company.
We do a band in a spare time but doing enthusiastically.
We are now writing music once a week gathering and nearly wrote 3.
But we lack of singer who cool.

We've been looking for so long time but haven't have a good opportunity to see.
We really need a singer for recording and activity hereafter.

We want a singer like..
A man who Has a Side parting hair style. (joking)
A man who likes Classic Fashion.(prefable)
A man who can speak English.(prefable)
A man who can be in a band until we gig at FUJI ROCKFESTIVAL. ( It's our AIM)

More Information : Please message me.

Hope we can have some fun with music and cause the scene.


Poster : ChrisReed on 2013-09-30 22:34:57 (445 reads)

Hey everybody...

Im kinda new in japan and im really trying to join a band or find some good musicians to start something epic. if you are interested please feel free to contact me. my email is cerealkillerz@i.softbank.jp

Poster : taka1984 on 2013-09-05 10:37:26 (647 reads)

We are seeking “Female vocalist”, “Bassist” and “Percussionist (Drummer)”.

Our band plays Acoustic music at Osaka Japan.

We start to cover Westerns music and Japanese music, and then make Original songs.
Now we are all mid-twenties student and worker, so our purpose is just to enjoy music.
But, we would not low quality playing, we would like lot of listener to come to Live house.

Now we are covering music like these atmosphere (These are another peoples cover).

Time after time(by Cyndi Lauper)

fix you(by cold play)

use somebody(by kings of lion)

creep(by radio head)

If you have interesting our message, please keep in touch.
We are waiting for you.



Poster : Guest on 2013-08-21 23:50:22 (741 reads)

Hi :)
We are looking for ladies for make a new band.

Name is Ray, age:31, Vocalist.
I love Japanese Rock Band called B'z & Western Rock (Especially, I like American Hard Rock)

and another one,
Guitarist, Name is Yuka. age:27.
She loves Japanese Rock Band called GLAY & X JAPAN & other 90's J-ROCK.

And 40 years old Drummer.

We looking for another Guitarist, Bassist.

We want ladies who are....
Age: It is desirable that you about 27-35 years old.
We won't try to be a professional band (as this band).
This band is only for amusement. Not only for music.
So even if you are married or even if you have children, that's ok.

You don't need to be high level player,
but you have to be the level that you can play music.

We plan to practice at Kobe or Higashi Kakogawa.
and we plan to show at based Kobe, and we going to play at other Hyogo & Osaka. (Maybe it's gonna be based on Saturday or Sunday)

We don't mind even if we play copy first,
but we wanna play our original songs in the future.

Ladies, please feel free to mail me!
We waiting for your massage ;)

Poster : kimo on 2013-08-07 09:26:57 (644 reads)

Hi everybody,
We are a heavy/Rock with some Funk/Punk moments .. .we are looking for a drummer (preferably with some experience) who could meet a couple times a week in kyoto area.
We can make concerts in a couple of live houses.
For further information mail us at kimo.vega@gmail.com
Lets meet for a jam and a beer!

Poster : mukimuki12 on 2013-07-04 21:04:12 (598 reads)

Metalcore band in Osaka looking for a VOCALIST.

If you are interested, let me know.

Poster : Shinbe on 2013-06-22 23:15:53 (596 reads)

Please check my demos https://myspace.com/yosshaa
or https://soundcloud.com/shinbe

I want to start a bilingual band in Tokyo.
I’m a 33 yo Japanese/guitarist/songwriter/singer
Influences: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Nuno Bettencourt,
Led Zeppelin, Queen, Jeff Buckley, U2, Blur, Radiohead, Travis, Rainbow, Tom Waits etc. although all my influences extend to much more than this

I'm looking for

a male singer
- can sing in English fluently
- can sing in Japanese fluently (Not necessarily speak fluently)
- preferably who can write English lyrics
- Age range around 20 - 30

basssit, drummer, keyboardist
- male or female
- an open mind to a variety of musical genres
- experience will help alot but isn't a priority if you can play.
- Age range around 20 - 38

I'm dedicated and passionant about this so don't want to play with just hobbyists.
I want to enjoy the music with good company, of course.
I want the new band to be based in London someday.


Poster : liquidpri on 2013-05-15 18:20:58 (456 reads)

I'm Nick, I play bass (wood bass). I am looking to play with jazz or funk musicians in a performance once or more a month. I also write original songs on piano and can sing. If you want to get more experimental I have experience with that too.

If you know Toshi, I often go to his jam session and play in a jazz combo there occasionally.

Talk soon!


Poster : Derek on 2013-04-10 11:00:43 (680 reads)

5月2日(木)祝前日 22:00〜
BAR One 心斎橋 (Sam & Dave One)


DJ マリー (ハリウッドから)

DJ イー スムーヴ(ニューヨークから)

DJs: Dennis, Ne-Nyo, Khashi-B, U-Tan, Rob-One
HOST MC: Matheus
Animated Dance by Dark Angel

*****PARTY HARDでは女性に優しいサービス満載!*****

テーブル席を予約された方には、1席につきモエとシロックを1ボトルずつ無料 サービス!
入場料 男性: 2500w/1D 女性: 2000w/2D

Facebook ゲストリスト様 男性:2000w/1D 女性:1500w/2D


大阪市中央区東心斎橋2-7-20 6F
TEL: 06-6212-5867


BAR ONE SHinsaibashi(Sam & Dave One)

Special Guest DJs:
DJ Mahli (from Hollywood)

DJ E-Smoove (from New York)

DJs: Dennis, Ne-Nyo, Khashi-B, U-Tan, Rob-One
HOST MC: Matheus
Animated Dance by Dark Angel

Free Champagne service for the ladies before midnight.
Welcomes shot for the Guys.
So get there early!!!!!

Special Ciroc cocktails served on the 2nd floor VIP

*****Special Bottle Service*****
1 bottle of Moet and 1 bottle of Ciroc plus reserved table for 4 people. Limited so make your reservations now.
To make a reservation send an e-mail to:
Facebook Guests (press join)
Men 2000w/1D Ladies 1500w/2D

Entrance Fee
Men 2500w/1D Ladies 2000w/2D

6F, 2-7-20 Higashi-Shinsaibashi
TEL: 06-6212-5867


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