Hamadera Park BBQ Party!!2024/05/26(Sun)

Join BBQ party at Hamadera Park!
Hamadera Park is a beautiful park in Sakai. It takes only 30 min. from Namba by train.
It’s a perfect event to meet new people and enjoy BBQ!

We will prepare the BBQ grills, beef, pork, chicken, sausages, vegetables and yakisoba noodles.
All you have to do is just bring your own drinks!
You can buy drinks at the convenience store in the park.
Don’t miss out the first Park BBQ event this year!


DATE 2024/05/26(Sun) 12-4pm

3,500 yen (+500 yen for Japanese men)
※Includes BBQ grills and food (beef, pork, chicken, sausages, vegetables and yakisoba noodles)
Advance payment is required via paypal or bank transfer.

RESERVATION Reservation Form
AREA Osaka Hamadera Park
PLACE Hamadera Park
ADDRESS 【Meeting Place】
We'll meet up at the park gate at 12pm.

1 min. walk from Hamaderakoen Sta. (Nankai Line)
1 min. walk from Hamaderaekimae Sta. (Hankaidenki Hankai Line)
10 min. walk from Higashihagoromo Sta. (JR Hagoromo Line)

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・Drinks are not provided, so please bring your own drinks. You can also buy on site.
・You can bring any food as you like. BBQ grills and charcoals prepared.
・Underage drinking and smoking are not allowed.
・The organizers cannot be held liable for any injuries, accidents or trouble which might occur during this event. We ask that all participants take responsibility for their own actions on the day.
・There is no refund for cancellation after 4 days before this event.
・If it rains, we’ll have the party at Louisiana Cafe in Namba from 4 to 6pm.
Details We’ll refund the price difference at the party. We’ll decide on May 23.

Any kind of solicitation (such as for other events, network business, etc.) are not allowed during the party and even at a later date.
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